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Aircraft Management

Air X understands the individual needs and requirements of aircraft owners by offering an OPC – One point contact. By operating through this method, the owner and his/her staff  liaise directly with a single person regarding their management service and requirements. 

Air X’s team fully understand the intricate and ongoing maintenance each aircraft requires for the optimum operation and preservation. Accordingly, the team have created an aircraft management service that includes the use of methodologies utilising the best practices in the aviation industry to sustain all of your aircraft’s needs. 

Our aircraft management team span  the European Continent, with in-house experts always at hand in order to ensure your aircraft is maintained properly thus driving down further costs. With a 24-hour aircraft management care service, Air X’s team will take care of all of the operational aspects, as well as the legal aspects of  Continuing Airworthiness and Maintenance (CAMO) management.

With a single point of reference when it comes to administration, maintenance, flight crew and all other aspects, this service is driven by our goal to make your experience as a private aircraft owner a luxurious yet cost effective simple decision.

Leaving the aircraft management logistics to us is how you are able to guarantee years of private air travelling, whereas if you are looking for more ways to get the maximum out of your aircraft, we also offer a fixed income programme  [Link to Fixed income, no outgoings].

Air X structures and maintains its operations on the basis of IS-BAO, IATA, and EU-OPS standards.


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