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It is often thought to be a contradictory stance to say that you are greatly involved in the aviation industry while being environmentally friendly, but at Air X, this is the paradoxical position we strive to take through our daily decisions and actions.

At Air X, we are all passionate about flight but we do acknowledge the considerable percentage of pollution emissions this industry causes. With this is mind, the Air X team are committed to achieving carbon neutrality to compensate for the carbon footprint released in the air by reducing carbon emissions in any way possible and by continually searching for sustainable alternative ways to source fossil fuels.

The Air X team do their utmost to bring extravagance and safety to their clients up in the air while causing minimal damage to the environment through their work, they seek to not only sustain, but to pave the way for an even greener environment for future generations to enjoy a luxury that certainly cannot be bought — the awe-inspiring views of green landscapes as seen from the sky. 


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