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Fixed income, no outgoings

Exhausted of Aviation Companies re-billing you?

In the current aviation market assets have suffered capital depreciation.

With over 365 days as an average to sell most Executive Jets, with a price tag far lower than the delivery cost especially if the aircraft was delivered between 2006-2013 – there is another way to stop the outgoings, and this is through the FIXED INCOME method.

Air X offers a fixed income for each Jet size, whether it is an entry, midsize, super midsize, or large airliner cabin aircraft.

With a wealth of financial approvals from banks and asset leasing companies worldwide, we offer the ability for the owner to receive a fixed income without any further costs associated to the aircraft.

This removes cost of crew, maintenance, insurance, and management fees from the owner and places them in the expert’s hands here at Air X.

This can be a short or long term solution, where you as the owner either find a buyer and opt for an exit strategy, or find that the asset can be offset from the income over an acceptable period.

In addition if you still had a need for the aircraft, this would include the cost of a modest 2% above base to ensure that you only have the costs against your income.

It is the best scenario we can offer given that the boom purchase has already been made, in return we will obviously utilise the aircraft on charter with our proven track record on multiple cases.

Air X will absorb the financial burden in order to ensure that every entity related to your aircraft is handled, without placing you responsible for it.

Operating in the mathematically calculated “hot zone” within the EU to attain an impressive 900 hours a year per aircraft, Air X guarantees your jet will do that which it was built for — flight — by working with the best brokers around the world who choose Air X as their carrier.


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