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Success Stories

Max Brunner

maxFrom the first moment I entered the head office of Air X for my interview, I knew it was going to be a great but challenging time abroad.
Looking back I am really happy about my decision to move to Malta.
It has broadened my horizons and I didn't only make a lot of connections in the aviation industry but real long term friends as well.
Even though it was sometimes demanding, I am convinced that the office prepared me very well for my career as a First Officer.  Key skills like problem solving, stress management and teamwork are just a few which are needed in the day-to-day operation as a pilot and are all experienced in the office environment.
I am now flying one of the three Legacy 600s for Air X.
What excites me is the daily variety, new challenging airports and the mix of short-haul and long-haul flights.
Onboard we are more than just a crew, we are a professional, passenger comfort-orientated team who love the job.
I am happy to be part of Air X and part of this multicultural family. 


Fritz Böhme

Fritz BohmePretty much directly after finishing flight school, I was offered the chance to join the Air X apprentice scheme in summer 2011. Back than the main office was still located in Salzburg. After moving there, I spent my time in the office, which provided me with an incredibly good insight into the daily operation of an Airline. I learned a lot of things, which I would have never learned by going straight into flight service. Many of these things help me now with operating the aircraft in an efficient and economical way.

The time in the office is extremely challenging and demanding but looking back, it was an experience that I really cherish today. The team is a really important factor. Teamwork and trust from the management are absolutely essential.Therefore, it was a really great but at the same time a sad day to leave the office and go into the right hand seat after the apprenticeship scheme.

I enjoy every day I fly one of the Air X Challenger 850s. I couldn’t think of a better job and it makes the challenging office time totally worth it.  I’m really looking forward to the next years with Air X.

If you get the chance to start your career in Air X, do it! It’s a great way into this business and you will not regret it.


Tom Warton

Tom WartonThe Air X Apprenticeship Scheme was an important and eye-opening opportunity in my professional career that I could not refuse. Not only did Air X jump-start my career as a First Officer, I experienced an extensive education and overview of the General Aviation industry as well as the chance to develop a number of skills that will benefit me as a pilot in the future.

Working in the Ground Operations team I was able to develop my technical skills as well as the chance to work with and communicate on a daily basis with experienced pilots. Problem solving and creativity was crucial in day-to-day operation. The most rewarding aspect of working in the office was the team comradery and attitude that made the time a fond period in my life.

Having just completed the transition from Apprentice to a Boeing 737 First Officer, I have no regrets over the decisions I have made over the last 2 years.

If I was to pass on any words of wisdom from my experience in order to successfully complete the Apprenticeship scheme it would be to work hard, increase your knowledge in a proactive manner and have fun, and you will find that Air X is a company that will nurture your aviation career in the direction you desire.


Mike Bremner

Mike BremmerAfter searching for the elusive first flying job for 2 years, I was accepted into the Air X apprenticeship scheme in 2012, and now having successfully completed my type rating course on a Boeing 737 classic, I will be going on to fly the largest aircraft in our fleet.

Looking back on my time as an apprentice I can say it is amazing how much I have learnt about the industry and what is involved in the day-to-day running of an airline. Whilst the apprenticeship scheme is an extremely demanding and intensive program, it is extremely rewarding, not only in the sense of achieving my aspirations of becoming a pilot, but also in terms of personal development.

The whole philosophy in the office is centred on teamwork, and combined with the amount of responsibility given to you, the apprenticeship scheme gives you a lot of transferable skills which will be essential in the cockpit.

For anyone with the determination, aptitude and desire to fly jet aircraft, I would recommend them to apply for this scheme and join our team.


Johannes Fellhofer

Johann EsfellhoffeAfter finishing my license I had been looking for a job in Aviation for a couple of months, when fortunately a friend of mine told me about the Apprentice program of Air X, which I thought was a really good opportunity for me.

I have to say that although the program is very demanding, I don’t think you can get a better experience of the operation of a successful aviation company like in Air X. During my work in the office I was able to develop my knowledge of aviation significantly, which I am sure will help me a lot in my future career as a pilot.

I finished my apprenticeship in February 2014 and I am now flying the Boeing 737 classic which is the largest jet in Air X's fleet. If you are willing to learn and work hard in a team then I recommend you apply for the Apprentice program.


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